“I have always loved cars. When I was three years old, I could recognize every car that drove by.  Gas stations would give free hot wheels for a fill up. I still have those hot wheels. My whole life as a child revolved around cars. 

Over the years, I'd be buying cars. I would buy these cars because I remember them as a kid. I always wanted them. But then it just became a collection of cars.”

“When I blew the engine in my 996, that was really my first time to really dig in and rebuild the car. I learned so much. I loved the decision making. Something didn't fit, what do we do next. 

We were always just improvising along the way. And I realized that it's that journey of building a car and the relationship you have with your car. That's what really ends up connecting you to the cars. “

“The Porsche...that's like my wife. It's predictable, everything about it is perfect, it gets everything done perfectly. It's beautiful.

The Lamborghini....that's my hot Italian mistress. I have a blast with her, but it's going to cost me! I'm a mechanical engineer and it's the feeling, the sounds, combustion, acceleration, G-forces. All of those things just create the sensory overload. It just keeps me coming back.”

“I've been part of forums in the past and I made a lot of good friends through forums and how we help each other and learn from each other. But it always took a little bit of time to establish.

But with Avants, it's more real time and it brings back much more of the human to human interaction. What I really enjoy is the diversity of people that are involved. It's things I wouldn't have been exposed to otherwise and it just gives me new ideas on how I can bring people together, how businesses can grow and be really part of the community and grow and enrich the community and that's what I'm really enjoying about Avants.

I'm Christian and I'm a member of Avants.”

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