Avants Revs Up the Pacific Northwest Car Community

Local technology veteran launches innovative membership program for car enthusiasts

SEATTLE-- (BUSINESS WIRE) Today Avants, Seattle’s premium membership program for car enthusiasts, celebrated its official public launch.  A complete overhaul and rebuild of the traditional car club experience, members of Avants enjoy a variety of benefits including unique driving experiences, informative tech sessions, the ability to network with other members and discounts at over 50 popular automotive service shops and retailers. 

Brainchild of lifelong car enthusiast and local technology executive Adam Cramer, Avants combines passion for cars, relationships with local businesses and networking technology to create a powerful way to channel members’ enthusiasm about cars. 

“If you are a car enthusiast, you shouldn’t have to settle for standing around in a parking lot.  The way that local gearheads connect and share knowledge can be dramatically improved.” said Avants founder and CEO, Adam Cramer.

Avants members enjoy the following benefits:

  • Drive Everything Events: Fun, non-competitive driving events with plenty of seat-time. Exercises include slalom, figure-8, skidpad and more.  Members can have fun with their own car or go for a ride with other members.

  • Ride and Drive Events: Avants partners with local dealerships and manufacturers to create unique Ride & Drive events so that members can drive the latest and greatest cars without going to the dealership.

  • Tech Sessions: These behind-the-scenes events at local businesses give members insider access to knowledge that is typically reserved only for experts.

  • Discounts with local service providers, dealerships and national retailers:  Avants members receive discounts that range from 10-20% at over 50 popular partners, including local shops – including BMW Seattle, Griot’s Garage, Tru-Line –  and national retailers like FCP Euro and IPD.  For a full list of partners, visit www.avants.com/partners

Avants is also teaming up with other standouts in the local car community: 

  • Members of The Shop Club Seattle, a "Country Club for Gearheads" ™ with a physical location to work on and store cars as well as a restaurant, will receive a membership to Avants – ensuring that members of both communities will have premier access to the best the local area has to offer in terms of automotive-related events, discounts and more.

  • Avants members will also receive a discounted membership to the LeMay – America’s Car Museum (ACM).  Based in Tacoma, Wash., the facility has been recognized as one of MSN’s 10 Best Automotive Museums worldwide.

Avants currently has over 1,000 members that have joined during the beta and is growing quickly with hundreds of new members each month. 

Membership in Avants starts at $99/year.  To register or learn more, visit www.avants.com

About Avants:

Avants is a membership program for discerning car enthusiasts. We believe that there is more to being a car enthusiast than standing around in a parking lot. Members can attend private events, drive cool cars, network with other enthusiasts and enjoy discounts at local service providers. Visit www.avants.com to learn more.