Our Mission

To make it easier for gearheads to connect, learn and drive!  

Our Values

Learn from others. Respect.  Enjoy the ride. 


We are a group of enthusiasts from Seattle, WA who love everything about cars. We built Avants because we saw an opportunity to improve the way that local gearheads connect and share knowledge. 

We want to disrupt the 'cars and coffee' industry.   We want to do what Bring A Trailer did to eBay....what Jalopnik did to Car & Driver. We believe that there is so much more to being a car enthusiast than standing around in a parking lot.  We want to make it easier for enthusiasts to help each other and create new friendships. We want to reduce the friction associated with discovering new cars and new service providers. 

Adam Cramer - Founder / CEO

Adam Cramer - Founder / CEO



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