Thanks to Michael Smith from King County Search & Rescue for a teaching us all about how to use Gaia GPS. And thankfully, no one got lost!

We started out the day in the (spacious) parking lot of the North Bend Safeway. After a quick tutorial on the basics of Gaia (e.g. how to add a waypoint, how to save a map), we headed out toward our first rendezvous spot, a gravel spot a few miles off of exit 38. We regrouped and then one by one, made our way to our final destination using Gaia to lead the way. But this time, we couldn’t follow each other……we had to us Gaia to find the waypoint. Gravel turned into large rocks as we made our ascent up the hill. After a quick recap and a chance to enjoy the beautiful scenery, we made our way back down the hill en route to last stop of the day…..the Rio Bravo taco truck in North Bend.

Thanks to Michael Smith for putting together an awesome workshop! And thank you to Jason Tang for the beautiful photos!

Photo credit: Jason Tang