“That Lambo turns petrol into smiles.” — Brian Nash. One of the best quotes from yesterday’s Avants / Zadart Supercar Experience event. A truly unforgettable evening for 20 lucky Avants Charter members. Huge thanks to Eric Reiff and the guys at Zadart for making this possible. Also thank you to Chris Roberts and the team at Salish Lodge for hosting us. You guys are awesome!

And thank you to Karl Noakes and Michael Gatch for capturing the event! Absolutely love these pictures.

A few more takeaways from the event...

  • the McLaren 650s and the Ferrari 458 seemed to be tied for the favorite car among most of the drivers

  • the aftermarket exhaust on the 458 is glorious

  • the R8 really is an everyday supercar

  • George’s new GT3 with the Martini livery is gorgeous

If you missed out on yesterday’s event, don’t worry, we will have another one

Photo credit: Karl Noakes