“When he was born, I purposely wore a Porsche t-shirt to the hospital. I always wanted someone I could work on cars with. I was trying to influence him from an early age. I have a picture of him three months old holding a craftsman ten millimeter wrench.”

“I remember when I was little, my Dad used to autocross a lot. I would always tag along to all those events and of course, I was kind of like Dad's little helper at that point. Car stuff was always really intimidating because I would see him working on it or other adults working on it. Can I even do this myself? What training do I really need?  He helped guide me through that process.”

“Well and then it started to flip where he'd see pictures of these modifications that were done and he'd say "Dad, do you think we could do that?" and I'm going, well I've got a welder and a paint gun. I don't know how we're going do that but sure.”

“Forums were my life back then. I would be on there in between classes or even during class,  all night, even losing sleep just looking things up or posting. As soon as I stumbled upon Adam and Avants, it kind of had that same feel like people were asking for recommendations. Once I saw that people were actually giving decent responses and not just being smart asses that instantly drew me in and I didn't realize how much I've been missing that now I'm making new friends through Avants that we would have been separated by car communities in the past”

“Going to Adam's Avant events there's not really any judging going on people appreciate what you have and want to learn more about it. I think that made it much more accessible and much more welcoming. Adam encourages you to connect with other people. Kind of giving people permission to maybe be a little more open with their cars. Help break down some of those walls make more of a community.”

“It didn't matter what car I was driving people were just like hey What do you enjoy about your car? Can I share in that experience with you? I’ve never felt anything like that.”

 “I don't know how Adam has done it but there's this whole positivity that's around it all. I think there's a lot of people like myself that are looking for this and probably just haven't found it yet. But once they find Avants, they know that they can be more their true self.”

“I'm Andrew. I'm a member of Avants.”

“I'm Mike. I'm a member of Avants.”

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