What a year! As some of you know, Avants officially launched last year on September 6th, 2018 - that was the day that we introduced the Standard and Charter membership packages. For many of you this means that you are celebrating your first year as an Avants member, and embarking on your second. I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to all of our members for an amazing year! We have built something truly special - a thriving community of local car enthusiasts, centered around each of you, not the type of car that you drive. As far as I know, nothing like Avants exists anywhere else in the country, so we all should be proud of what we have built together. I especially want to thank all of the members who volunteered their time. Avants would not be possible without you.

Our first year, by the numbers:

  • We added 827 members.

  • We had 57 events. That's crazy....in a good way.

  • We added some amazing Partners including Discount Tire (10% off for members) and Hagerty Insurance (5% off for members), bringing the total number of Avants Partners to 70!

  • We launched Avants Off-Road (thanks to Lance and Branden). We had 6 Off-Road events and added some awesome partners including MULE, Vision-X and GAIA.

  • We added our first “Avants member car”, a 2002 Porsche Boxster, from our friends at Northwest Specialty Dismantling Inc.

  • We had our first ever AvantsFest celebration that included a wet skidpad, Super AvantsKart photo wall, music, food trucks, vendor showcase and more! Over 400 Members attended.

  • We added track events and partnered with HookedOnDriving and Turn 2.

  • We helped bring RADwood to the PNW.

  • We partnered with Express Rally on an epic 2-day Rally that included the Maryhill Loops Road.

  • We held a t-shirt contest with Blipshift to design the ultimate PNW car enthusiast t-shirt.

  • We built an awesome community!

Here's to an amazing year 2 and beyond! As always, if you have suggestions for how to make Avants better, please let me know.

Thank you for everything!



Adam Cramer