What a fun day! 25 awesome women braved the rainy weather to have some fun with their car yesterday at the inaugural Avants Driver Skills Ladies Day at Emerald Downs.

Based on all of the smiles, the weather didn’t seem to have an effect at all! Instructors Annie Gill, Tasha Mikko, Naomi Watnick and Erik Kremsner were busy hoping from car to car all day dishing out wisdom while Henry Garner got plenty of exercise shagging cones!

We started out with two different exercises, a slalom course and an oval. Great opportunity to learn about weight transfer, how to look ahead as well as the proper hand/seating position. From there, the women got the opportunity to apply some of those skills on a larger autocross-style course. The rain let up, the sun actually started peeking through the clouds and the real fun began! Everyone had a blast ripping around the course, gaining confidence after each run. After the women were done, the husband/boyfriends also got to have some fun on the course. And last but definitely not least, the instructors jumped in the driver’s seats of a few cars for some thrill rides.

A few favorite quotes from the day….

  • “This is one of the best dates that my wife and I have ever had” - Sean

  • “This is way more fun that DirtFish because I actually have traction” - Heidi

  • “It’s different instructing women because they actually LISTEN to me” - Erik

Thanks again to everyone who made this event so much fun, especially to our instructors who took time out of their busy schedules. Also thank you to our photographers, Karl Noakes and Vaughn Tanner, who were getting drenched for most of the day!

Can’t wait until the next Ladies Day event!

Photos courtesy of Karl Noakes (@automotivechat on Instagram)

Photos courtesy of Vaughn Tanner (@VTanner62 on Instagram)