Running with the Bulls! Thanks to Roy and John at Cats Exotics for giving Avants members a private tour of their amazing facility filled with countless Lamborghinis and other amazing supercars.

We were greeted with two Lamborghinis separated by 52 years when we entered: the 1964 Lamborghini 2R Tractor and the 2016 Lamborghini Aventador SV. 


It was hard to not to drool over the cars in the showroom, which included more than 20 other Lamborghinis scattered about, including the Islero, a pair of Countachs, several Diablos, Gallardos, Murcielagos, and one Huracan. Other cars included a Ford GT Heritage Edition, Saleen S7, Dodge Viper, and Ferrari 512TR.


In case you couldn't tell by now, the owner, Roy Cats, has a strong attraction towards Lamborghinis. In fact, his daily driver is a manual Lamborghini Murcielago SV, one of only two in the world. It all started  after Roy retired from being a police officer. He then started Fire Protection Inc., which is now the largest privately owned fire and security alarm service! However, because he bought so many company cars under his name, he needed to apply for a dealership license. While this was going on, his newly bought Ferrari was giving him grief, and after returning it back to the dealership, he was not allowed to buy another Ferrari. That's when his friend pointed him in the direction of Lamborghini. He flew all the way to the closest dealership in Salt Lake City and bought a Lamborghini Diablo and two speeding tickets later, drove it all the way back to Seattle. He still has that car to this day! 

The highlight of the event was watching Pete Kosowski get the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go for a ride with Roy in his ultra-rare manual transmission Murcielago SV.   


As a special bonus, Avants members receive a flat commission of $2,500 for consignment services (normally 5% of the price of the car over $50,000). They will also help members sell their current car or locate their dream car, no matter how specific it may be.

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