Thanks to everyone who was able to join us last Sunday for another fantastic 'Drive Everything' event at Emerald Downs. 

Lots of great cars and great people!  Plenty of folks got the opportunity to experience a bunch of different cars by hopping in the passenger seat.  From a Lotus Elise to a supercharged Audi R8, there was definitely something for everyone!  

Thanks to Fred for bringing a surprise guest.....a beautiful Ford GT Heritage Edition. And not just any Ford GT......the first Ford GT that was sold to the public.  

Thanks to everyone that made it such a wonderful event!  Thank you to Mirko Freguia from NW Corse Coach for setting up a variety of fun exercises. Participants got to test out their cars on a few different courses, including a figure-8, oval and a nice, long auto-x. 

Photos courtesy of VexArt