Not a bad way to spend a rainy Sunday!  Thank you to everyone that  came out to Sunday's 'Drive Everything' event at Pacific Raceways.     

Participants got the opportunity to drive a bunch of amazing cars by swapping with other members on a closed-course. Exercises included a Slalom, Figure-8, Small Auto-X course and a Straightaway.

The variety of cars at the event was truly amazing.  From ultra-fast track weapons like a Camaro ZL1 and Porsche GT3 to rare and quirky cars like a Honda Insight, Merkur XR4Ti and right-hand drive Subaru Impreza WRX.  

Thank you to our friends at Auburn Volkswagen for giving Avants members an opportunity to experience a brand new VW Golf GTI, which proved to be quite a blast on all of the exercises.     


Photos courtesy of Myhre Creative