Avants members got a "2 for 1" Tech Session last Sunday with demonstrations from Dent Solutions and Eastside Auto Salon

Doug from Dent Solutions gave us an up-close look at the tools and techniques that are used to safely and effectively remove dents.  It was pretty amazing to see how quickly he was able to remove dents from EJ's Jetta and Larry's Jeep.  

Doug also announced a discount program for Avants members - 15% off all services at Dent Solutions.  Very cool!

Joey and Ben from Eastside Auto Salon showed us some of the methods that they use to remove scratches as well the benefits of Xpel paint protection film.  Ben demonstrated the self-healing ability of Xpel by scratching the film with a wire brush and then using a blow dryer to magically make the scratches dissappear.  

A big thank you to everyone that came to the event as well as to Doug, Joey and Ben for hosting!