Frequently Asked Questions 


  • I'm an existing Avants member. Do I need to sign up again? 

    • Yes!  If you like Avants and you'd like to continue enjoying all of the beneifts (e.g. attending events, receiving discounts, etc), you will need to select a membership package (Standard or Charter).  Be sure use the special coupon code for existing members (50% off the annual price).  
  • Can I upgrade from Standard to Charter (in the middle of the year)?

    • Yes, you can upgrade at any time!  You will be charged the prorated amount of moving to the higher plan. The annual billing date will stay the same
  • I'm an existing Avants members, but my old email address cannot be found in the new system. What should I do?

    • Go ahead and create a new profile. The old website did not have a sign-in feature, so everyone will need to create a new profile. 
  • I have a friend who wants to come to an event. Does he/she need to be a member?

    • We encourage you to introduce Avants to your friends.  You may bring a friend to an event, but please don't abuse this and bring the same friend to 10 events in a row. 

  • Why are you charging a membership fee now?

    • Membership fees will ensure the continued growth of Avants.  It will make it possible to launch new features, sign up more partners, etc.  In other words, you'll be helping make Avants even better!  

  • Will any events be available to 'Free' members?

    • Yes, Midweek Meetups are open to everyone.  You will need to be a Standard or Charter member to attend other Avants events (Tech Sessions, Drive Everything, Private Collection Tours, etc). 

  • Does my membership cover family members?

    • Yes, your membership covers your spouse.  However, brothers, sisters and children over the age of 18 are not included. 
  • Does my membership auto renew each year?

    • Yes, your membership will auto renew. You can cancel at any time. 
  • My favorite shop/store is not an Avants partner. Will you be adding them?

    • Yes, we're always looking for new partners.  If you know the owner/manager, please introduce us and we'll take it from there.  
  • What sort of members are in Avants? Do I need a cool car to join?

    • If you are an enthusiast, you'll fit right in!  It's not about the type of car that you's about the type of enthusiast that you are.  Still not sure?  Check out this video:

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