Join us on January 19th for the first official Avants drive! We’ll visit beautiful Snoqualmie Falls, experience tons of great backroads, and check out the latest exhibits at LeMay / America's Car Museum

Space is limited to 30 cars (Avants members only please). You must RSVP below.

We gather at 8:30 am in the Starbucks at 17196 NE Redmond Wy, Redmond, WA 98052 near the back of the Safeway parking area. We'll provide route guides and after a short driver/navigator talk, we head out for back roads to Snoqualmie Falls for a viewing and restrooms stop. Parking is free on the left side of the road.

Next, we continue our drive on back roads wandering south through Ravensdale and past Black Diamond. If someone breaks off from the drive to visit the Black Diamond Bakery, I won't feel bad. You'll just have to drive faster to catch up. We wander along the twisty and scenic Green Valley Road and past the old Neely Mansion. Hopping onto Hwy 18 Westbound, we head to Federal Way and into the Northshore area before dropping down historic McMurray Road to the tide flats. Of course, this will lead us around and into Tacoma.

Our end point will be the LeMay / America's Car Museum, a little after noon; we’ll park on the plaza just in front of the museum entry. Entry as a group is discounted but you must have the $10 in cash. For lunch, choose either Pacific Grill inside the museum, or Alfred's Café about 3 blocks north of the museum; both are similarly priced and have similar menus. Pick a favorite after we purchase our entry tickets / wristbands for the museum.

We’ll be on our own schedule to enjoy the exhibits with the key displays being the Tuner cars display, the actual Bullitt Mustang that Steve McQueen drove, the Heroes of Bavaria BMW display and the 125 Honda motorcycles on display from the Brown Maloney Collection, Of course there are other cool things to see as well.



Saturday, January 19th

8:30 AM





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