Want to take better car pictures? Join us on Tuesday evening at The Shop to learn all of the tips & tricks that the pros use to create beautiful pictures. 

Our own Daniel Piker and Andrew Damen will be covering a variety of different topics including....

  • Taking better pictures (good/bad angles, backgrounds, lighting, etc)

  • Camera phones (optimal settings, hidden features)

  • Editing (best programs, features, etc)

  • Posting on social media (how to post quickly, etc)

This is primarily meant for beginners to learn the basics.  But you'd be surprised how good your photos will look after learning just a few simple tips. 

This is also a great opportunity to check out the members-only area of The Shop.  Grab a tasty burger and beverage at Derby and meet fellow Avants members. 

Should be a lot of fun!  Don't miss it!  


Tuesday, July 31st

6:30 PM - 8:30 PM  (feel free to show up anytime)


The Shop

2233 6th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98134