Join us for another awesome 'Drive Everything' event on Sunday March 4th at Emerald Downs.  Participants will get the opportunity to drive a bunch of amazing cars by swapping with other members on a closed-course.  

We will divide the parking lot at Emerald Downs into different exercises designed to give drivers a good feel for the car. Exercises include:

  • Slalom

  • Figure-8

  • Oval

  • Straightaway  

This is not a timed event.  This is not a race.  This is not autocross. This is a chance to experience some awesome cars in a wide open area, free of obstacles. 

The cost is $40 per participant.  Only 25 spots available. Avants members only. Register at


  • Can I drive my own car?  Yes, in fact, you'll want to drive your own car for the first few passes (to get familiar with each section and to help you compare how your car feels to the other cars) 

  • How does the swapping work?  It's up to each member to decide who they would like to swap with.  Owners are encouraged to ride shotgun to educate folks about their car (e.g. sport mode, etc)

  • Do I need a helmet?  No, a helmet is not required. All of the exercises are designed for slower-speeds.



Sunday, March 4th

1:00 PM - 5:00 PM 


Emerald Downs

2300 Ron Crockett Dr, Auburn, WA 98001