Join us on Dec 9th in the Tahuya National Forest for the first official Avants Off-Road event! This event is targeted towards beginner to intermediate drivers who are looking to learn some off-roading and recovery fundamentals and/or start to get a feel for what your vehicle is capable of. 

We will start with a short recovery training, sponsored by Masterpull Recovery Gear and taught in conjunction with King County 4x4 Search & Rescue.  Then we will go over some of the basics of what every off-roader should carry when heading off road.  Finally we will have a short Q&A period with a quick walk around your vehicle with one of our 3 instructors to answer specific questions you have about your rig and then hit the trails. 

Please note that there will be damage waivers to sign.  Although damage from these specific trails are uncommon (via the paths we plan to take) they can happen.  We will have alternate routes or bypasses available for anyone who is uncomfortable trying a specific obstacle.  We will also have  instructors working as spotters for each event to help guide you safely through obstacles that you do wish to try.

This event is limited to 25 drivers. You must RSVP below. Open to Standard or Charter members (of course you can bring as many passengers along as will fit in your rig, including non-members)

There will be a raffle for Masterpull Recovery Gear (only Standard or Charter members are eligible to win).

Should be a lot of fun!


Sunday, December 9th

10:00 AM - 3:00 PM (followed by an optional cocktail hour to swap stories and get feedback from the instructors)


Tahuya National Forest

Meet at Belfair Safeway at 10:00 AM

23961 NE State Route 3 Belfair, WA 98528 (map)

Look for the Tan Pinzgauer 


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