Join us for a car meet at Redmond Town Center followed by scenic drive from Redmond to Mt. Rainier.  

The car meet will start at 9:00 AM.   The drive will depart at around 10:00.  If you can't make the drive, then just come to the meet.  As always, doughnuts will be provided :)  

Please note that you must be a member of Avants to participate in the drive.  If you have not so, please fill out the application form here:  

We'll have four different checkpoints along the way to swap cars. See below for details.   


Starting Location: Redmond Town Center (top floor of main parking garage)

Ending Location: Mt. Rainier National Park

Estimated Travel Time: 3 Hours (one-way)

Distance: 80 Miles


Departure Location: Redmond Town Center (BJ’s Restaurant Parking Lot)

Departing Time:  11:00 AM

Organizer: Blaine Reich (253) 906-0317


This is a great drive for anyone looking to see a huge change in scenery in just a few hours. Starting in the hustle and bustle of Redmond Town Center, this drive takes us to the base of Snoqualmie pass, through the plains south of Cumberland and East of Krain, into the town of Buckley, where we can stop for food at the amazing Wally’s drive-in.

Afterwards we drop down into the small town of Wilkeson, important to note that Wilkeson hosts the last corner store and gas station for the remainder of the drive, Carbonado DOES NOT have an of these services so be sure to speak up when we stop in Wilkeson. After Carbonado is where the best part of the drives, the narrow two lane road of Highway 165 winds along the side of the canyon wall until we cross the Fairfax bridge, a 200ft+ high one-lane bridge that crosses over top of the Carbon river.

From here we continue down the windy narrow road until we reach our destination at the end of the road which is the starting point for the Carbon River Rainforest/Carbon Glacier Hike.


Checkpoint #1 – Snoqualmie (Salish Lodge)

Checkpoint #2 – Green River Headworks road, Ravensdale.

Checkpoint #3 – Wally’s Drive-In, Buckley

Checkpoint #4 - Wilkeson



  • Drive responsibly. This is not a race.  This is an opportunity to experience some great roads and potentially drive someone else's car. 

  • No racing, drifting, burnouts, or any other illegal driving maneuvers.

  • If you can’t make a light, don’t worry, we will stop shortly up ahead for you, do not run the light to try and keep up.