Ryu Rendon

Lives: Puyallup, WA

Employer: Boeing

Job Title: Precision rework mechanic

Your Car: 2016 BMW M3 (F80) H&R Springs, 19” Volk TE37 Ultra Mag Blue, 9.5” fronts and 11” rears. Installing KW V3’s soon.

An Interesting Car-Related Fact About You: My love affair with automobiles started on the Autobahn. I lived a total of 8 years in Germany due to being an Army Brat. Every car that I have owned has been modified from mild to crazy. Fastest car that I put together was a 2004 Subaru STi. First car that I bought was a 95 Mustang Cobra, it was also the car that I learned to drive a manual transmission on as well. My favorite car was a 2001 Integra Type R.