Ruben Alanis

Lives:  Seattle, WA

Employer: Payscale

Job Title: Senior Account Executive

Your Car: 2000 BMW M5 in Avus Blue. Borla exhaust. Facelifted headlights, tail lights, euro center console, euro piano black trim.

An Interesting Car-Related Fact About You: My first car was a 1985 Toyota Corolla GTS (AE86). I sold books door to door in college. One day knocked on a door, and began my pitch to the owner. He never looked at me, and instead said "is that your car"? I turned around to see that my car had rolled down the street, jumped a curb, and nearly hit an old lady walking her dog. The dog ran off into the woods as the car teetered on an edge of a ravine. Luckily, no one was hurt, and I ended up driving the car 60k more miles before selling it!



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