Ron Calkins

Lives: Seattle, WA

Employer: T-Mobile

Job Title: Manager, Network Operations 

Your Cars: 

  • 2016 Cadillac ATS-V MT6 with Renick Anti-Sway bars, and 19" Avant Garde M610 wheels and bigger tires. More to come. Also have some vintage Alfas -
  • 1967 Duetto convertible with a 2L HP engine swap, and Panhard rod rear suspension
  • 1973 GTV2000 that is a SCCA vintage racer (for sale!)
  • 1986 GTV6 that is undergoing surgery to integrate a C5 Corvette torque tube, 6sp transaxle, and IRS assembly aft of the newly installed 3.5L 24v 'big bore' engine replacement! 

An Interesting Car-Related Fact About You: Back in '85 while stationed in 'West' Germany with the Army, my dad wired me cash to buy him a Mercedes Benz 300 Turbo Diesel (old man's car). I convinced him on a different selection... a '86 MB 190E 2.3-16v. I drove the 'heck' out of that car for a year on Germany autobahns & backroads (all which are curvy) before shipping the car to LA and having the grey market conversion done. The car stayed in the family and eventually back to me, being sold in 2000, right before a timing belt tensioner failure and its subsequent (and painful, heartfelt ending) sale to a salvage yard in Portland, OR.