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Avants has partnered with the best automotive service providers in the Seattle area.  These companies specialize in delivering the highest-quality products and services. They aren't the cheapest in town; they're the best.    

Avants members receive an exclusive discount with all of our partners, typically 15-20% off.  


Griot's Garage

Car Care for the Perfectionist. Since 1990, Griot's Garage has been providing the best polishes, waxes, cleaners, detailing supplies, and accessories for enthusiasts. Corporate headquarters and flagship retail store located in Tacoma.

Avants members receive 10% off at the Griot's Garage Flagship Store in Tacoma. 

APC Auto Spa

APC Auto Spa is Puget Sound's premier detailing studio specializing in high-end paint correction, Ceramic Pro, vinyl wraps and clear film protection.  Located in Woodinville.

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Group 2 Motorsports

Group 2 Motorsports has been providing top quality auto repair since 2002. Whether you are maintaining your daily driver, building a race or rally car, or restoring the vehicle of your dreams, Group 2 Motorsports can serve you.  Located in Ballard.

Avants members receive 15% off labor at Group 2 Motorsports.

Stew's Self Service Garage

Stew's Self Service Garage is the northwest's premier do-it-yourself auto repair garage. They have everything you need to work on your car, from lifts, to ratchets, to expert advice, to parts ordering. Be your own mechanic! Located in Kirkland. 

Avants members receive 15% off at Stew's Garage

Body & Collision

DentSolutions NW

DentSolutions NW is the leading Paintless Dent Removal business trusted by luxury dealers including Ferrari of Seattle, Lamborghini & Bentley of Bellevue and more. Over 18 years experience. Exceeding customers expectations in the fine art of Paintless Dent Removal.  Located in Bellevue. 

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CARS - Custom Auto Repair Specialist

CARS is the place to go for all of your minor bodywork and paint needs.  They specialize in bumper repair, rock chip repair, wheels repair/paint as well as brake caliper paint.  Located in Bellevue. 

Avants members receive XX% off at CARS. 

Artwork / Photography

Group 6ix

Group 6ix designs original art work for the automotive enthusiast.  Products include vintage posters, t-shirts and more. Whether your open road is a solitary stroll in the back country, a cruise to a cars & coffee event, a blast through downtown, autocrossing, or your next vintage racing event, Group 6ix wants to be there! 

Avants members receive 15% off at Group6ix.

Piker Photo

Daniel Piker from Piker Photo is one of the best automotive photographers in the area.  He is currently the weekend photographer at DirtFish Rally School.  His photos have been featured in numerous automotive publications including Jalopnik. 

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Traffic Lawyer

Matto Law Firm

If you are facing a speeding ticket or other traffic-related issue, Jag Matto at Matto Law Firm can help.  They have an excellent track record. Located in Seattle. 

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Exotic Car Rental

Zadart Exotic Car Club & Rentals

Zadart is Seattle’s only exotic and luxury car rental company dedicated to the car enthusiasts of Puget Sound.  From luxury cars to supercars, Zadart has you covered. Located in Bellevue.

Avants members receive 15% off at Zadart.