All members must agree to the Avants program membership rules.  These rules help establish a common understanding among members regarding what is and is not allowed.  

Generally speaking, all members should use good judgement when driving another member's car.  Ask yourself "would I want someone treating my car like this?"


1. You agree to the Avants program core values and principles (link)

  • Respect

  • Trust

  • Fairness

  • Honesty

2. You have a valid driver’s license

3. You have valid auto insurance

4. You agree not to let anyone else drive the car while it is in your possession. Insurance may not cover the accident if you allow someone else to drive.

Your car

1. Your car should be in good condition.  It doesn't have to be perfect, but it should not have any issues that increase the probability of an accident (e.g. worn tires, headlight out, etc)

2. Your car's license tabs must be valid

Driving Rules & Etiquette

1.  No racing (on the street or on the track)

2. No burnouts

3. No drifting

4. No texting while driving

5. No smoking, drinking, or drugs

6. You agree not to remove any monitoring devices in the car (e.g. Automatic GPS device, dash camera, etc).

7.  When returning the car….

A. Interior & Exterior – Leave the car in better condition than when you received it

B. Fuel – Match or exceed the amount of fuel that was in the car when you received it

Damage & Insurance

1.  Minor damage

A. If it’s your fault or could have been avoided (e.g. curb rash), you agree to pay to fix the damage

B.  If it’s not your fault (e.g. door ding, rock chip in windshield), you are not obligated to pay to fix the damage.  However, you may decide to split the cost with the owner.   

2.       Major damage or accident (Insurance Claims)

A.  If it’s your fault, you agree to reimburse the owner for his deductible (since the owner’s insurance will be the primary coverage).