Kirk Myhre

Lives: Redmond, WA

Employer: Microsoft

Job Title: Senior UX Designer / Principle photographer: MyhreCreative Automotive and Motorsports Imaging

Your Cars: 

  • 2010 Rapid Spec 401A Mustang GT Convertible - Mods: Suspension, Intake, Tune, Exhaust
  • 1965 Mustang C-Code Coupe (Daily Driver) - Mods: Intake, Carburation, Wheels
  • 1975 Ford F-100 4x4 Custom (Rat Rod) - Mods: Everything
  • 2008 Volvo XC90 R Sport - Mods: None
  • 1967 Volkswagen Bug (fully restored) - Mods: Everything

An Interesting Car-Related Fact About You: I design, build, fabricate, photograph, draw, paint and race cars. I work, because cars



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