Joey Stoinski

Lives: West Seattle, WA

Employer: Autobahn Autowerkz

Job Title: Apprentrice

Your Car: 

  • 2001.5 Audi s4. Stage 2 ecu tune, upgraded rs4 clutch. Upgraded rear sway bar, short shift kit, h&r coilovers and a brembo 17z big brake kit up front off of a Volkswagen Touareg and b6s4 rear adapter kit. Uuc vm3 exhaust with full 3" downpipes. The list goes on with more to come.
  • 2001 Audi A4 avant 1.8t. Not much done yet besides an rs4 clutch installed. Coilovers, exhaust and tune coming soon

An Interesting Car-Related Fact About You: My first car which I still own was actually a 1997 dodge Dakota which only costed me $600. But being interested in cars ever sense I can remember starting with my hotwheels collection. I soon got tired of how slow it was and the automatic. And upgraded to a b6a4 avant. And it's been downhill sense then.



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