How it Works


How it Works

How it Works


Tell us a little about yourself (what makes you a gearhead, the cars that you drive, etc).  Don't worry, we just want to make sure that you are indeed a car enthusiast with a good driving record.  


Meet Other Members

Join us at one of the many Avants member events that we host each month (cars & coffee, drives, etc). Get to know the other members. When you feel comfortable, propose a swap! 


Swap Cars

You choose who you'd like to swap with and for how long.  You can swap cars at one of the Avants member events or coordinate a separate meetup.  Keep in mind that you do not have to swap if you don't want to. 




Swap cars with another member during one of the Avants organized drives (scheduled every other weekend).  This is a great way to experience another car, while keeping an eye on your car at the same time.    


Want a convertible for the afternoon? Propose a swap!  Coordinate a time/location to meet up and swap keys. Complete the Swap Checklist and you're ready to go!        



Swap cars for a night (or a few days).  This is a great way to see how the car handles in a variety of conditions.  Be sure to discuss where you intend to drive the car,  where the car will be parked at night, estimated number of miles, etc. For extra peace of mind, use the Automatic Driving App to see exactly where your car is located 24/7.  


Your Car Is Your Baby. We Get it.

Our membership screening process and car monitoring features mean that you can sleep soundly knowing that your car is being taken care of. 


Your Car Is Your Baby. We Get it.

Our membership screening process and car monitoring features mean that you can sleep soundly knowing that your car is being taken care of. 





All members are carefully screened and must be invited by another member.  We take this very seriously! We check driving records, employment history and more.  All members must agree to our membership rules and community values.


Trusted Community

 Don't worry, you aren't swapping with a complete stranger. Avants is a community of car enthusiasts.  You will have plenty of opportunities to get to know other members and chat with them in person. 

GPS & Driver Monitoring

With the Automatic Driving App, you'll know exactly where your car is located 24/7.  See detailed data including speed, MPG and more.  See example dashboard.

Insurance Coverage

Am I covered?  Yes, your insurance covers accidents that occur when someone else is driving your car.  Avants also covers your deductible as well as any potential rate increases.  See 'How Does Insurance Work?' for more information.  




What kind of cars are eligible?

All cars!  Well, maybe not your Toyota Prius (kidding).  Variety is what makes Avants so awesome.  Imports, Trucks, Wagons, Hybrids, Sleepers, Supercars, Muscle Cars, etc. 

Does my car have to be in mint condition?

Your car should be in good condition.  It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it should not have any major issues that might cause an accident (e.g. worn tires, headlight out, etc)

How do I join?  What are the rules?

All members must agree to follow the Avants membership rules

There is absolutely no racing, burnouts, drifting, etc.  Don't take the car to its limit.  Use good judgement.  "Spirited" driving is okay assuming that the conditions are good, but "aggressive" driving is not allowed.

Always ask yourself "how would I want my car to be treated?"

If this sounds like something you'd like to be a part of, you can apply here

I'm not comfortable letting a total stranger drive my car.   

Neither are we :)  Avants is built on community and trust.  We host numerous member events, where you'll be able to meet other members face to face and get to know them better.    

How do I know that my car will be taken care of?

All members must agree to the Avants set of core values and principles, which include:

  • Respect

  • Trust

  • Fairness

  • Honesty

Remember that the member that you are swapping with is just as meticulous with their car as you are with yours.

You will be able to monitor driving behavior and real-time GPS location data using the Automatic Driving app.

Do you check members' driving records?

Yes.  As part of the application process, we will pull your motor vehicle records to make sure that you do not have any major violations (e.g. DUI) or an unusually high number of tickets/accidents. 

Can I decline a swap?

Yes, of course.  You can decline a swap for any reason (bad timing, don't like the car, etc).

If you not comfortable handing over the keys to another member, you can always suggest meeting up and taking them for a ride in your car.

What should I check before I swap?

Refer to the swap checklist for instructions on what do before/after you swap your vehicle. 

How does insurance work?  Am I covered?

When you allow another person to drive your car, this is known in the insurance world as 'Permissive Use'.  It's just like if you loaned your car to a friend (as long as that friend has a license and is not using it for business purposes).  If the person that you swap with is in an accident (and they are deemed "at fault"), your insurance policy will provide the primary coverage and the driver's insurance would provide secondary coverage. 

For more information regarding insurance, see 'How Does Insurance Work?'

What happens if my car gets damaged?

In cases where the damage could have been prevented (e.g. curb rash) but the cost to fix isn't big enough to file an insurance claim, it is the responsibility of the person who caused the damage to pay to fix it. In other words, if you accidentally curb the wheels, you'll need to pay to fix them. 

Unfortunately, sometimes things break and it's really no one fault (especially with older cars).  These are just general 'wear and tear' items.  In these cases, it's up to the two members to decide who should pay.  Typically, the owner of the car would pay. 

For major accidents, you'll want to get your insurance companies involved.  See question above regarding insurance coverage.


Have another question?  Email us!