Avants makes it easy to swap cars with other local car enthusiasts on a short term basis.  Find a car in your area that you'd like to drive and propose a swap.  If your swap is accepted, set up a time to meet. It's that easy.

Program Overview



Fill in a few details to get started (your car, location, etc).


Browse tons of cool and unique cars in your area.


Message members that you'd like to swap with.  Set up a place to meet and exchange keys.


After you are finished, swap your car back with the owner.

Swap Types

Normal Swaps

Schedule a time to meet up, go over the details of the cars and exchange keys.  Agree on the length of swap and you're off!

1 Week

Really 'live' with the car and get a second of how it handles in a variety of conditions.  Great for daily drivers and commuters.


1 - 3 Days

The perfect amount of time to get a feel for the car.  Ideal for weekend swaps.


Beginner Swaps

Not sure if you want someone else driving your car right off the bat?  We understand.  Test the water before taking the plunge.  These also provide a great opportunity to educate the other driver about your car's unique traits.

Ride Along

The owner drives while you ride shotgun.

Test Drive

You drive while the owner rides shotgun.

Follow The Leader

You swap cars and follow each other on a predetermined route (preferably on a twisty road with no traffic)

Swap with confidence



Member Screening

All members are screened during the sign up process to ensure a clean driving record.

Driver Monitoring

Driving behavior is monitored using the Automatic Mobile App, which will alert you of any shenanigans (hard accelerations, hard braking, etc).  See example dashboard.

Locate Your Car 24/7

You'll be able to see exactly where your car is located 24/7.   You can even set up alerts to notify you if your car leaves a predefined area.

Pre-Swap Checklist

Before you swap, you'll get a detailed report showing where your car will be driven, expected # of miles, where it will be parked overnight (garage/street) and more.

Ratings and Reviews

Get to know other members before you swap cars by reading their reviews.

$1M Insurance

All swaps are covered by a $1M insurance policy.

Additional Perks


Free Car Detailing

After every swap, you'll receive a free interior/exterior car detailing from NW Auto Salon, the premier auto detailing shop in Washington. Limit 1 per month.

Meet Cool People

And we're not talking about just meeting them online.  Actually meet people in person to exchange keys and talk cars.



What kind of cars are eligible?

All cars!  Well, maybe not your Toyota Prius (kidding).  Variety is what makes Avants so awesome.  Trucks, wagons, hybrids, sleepers, supercars, beaters, rat-rods, etc. 

How do I know that my car will be taken care of?

We provide monitoring tools that prevent abuse.  However, just like any service, there is a certain amount of trust that is required.  In most cases, the member that you are swapping with is just as meticulous with their car as you are with yours.

Can I decline a swap?

Yes, of course.  You can decline a swap for any reason (bad timing, don't like the car, etc).

How does insurance work?  Am I covered?

Simply put, yes, you are covered.  When you loan a car to a friend, car insurance follows the car.  In other words, if the person that you swap with is in an accident (and they are at fault), your insurance policy will provide the primary coverage.  If they are in an accident an are not at fault, the other person's insurance will be responsible for coverage.

Here is a link to the DMV website that provide more information: DMV - When Another Driver Has An Accident In My Car

What happens if my car gets damaged?

Unfortunately, sometimes things break (no matter who is driving the car at the time).  Depending on the amount of damage, you may want to file a claim with your insurance company.  However, for small issues (e.g. door handle broke, door got dinged), you'll probably want to handle those things on your own.


Have another question?  Email us!