Forrest Davis

Lives: Seattle, WA

Employer: Griot's Garage

Job Title: Shop Foreman

Your Cars: 

  • 2012 BMW 135i (FUN daily)
  • 1995 C1500 Truck (purchased new by my grandfather and passed on to be before he died)
  • 1972 Volkswagen Beetle (my first car, currently undergoing engine swap from aircooled to Subaru ej22 power)


  • 2003 Kawasaki ZRX1200r
  • 1979 Kawasaki KZ650 Cafe Racer
  • 1981 Yamaha XV750 Virago

An Interesting Car-Related Fact About You: When I was 16, my parents purchased my 72 Volkswagen and I have been attached to it since. I drove it to school in Poulsbo from Gig Harbor 5 days a week and it only broke down once from a flat tire. I pulled the engine out in my parents garage countless times, replaced the heads, clutch, and everything in between. It made me fall in love with working with my hands and I felt a huge amount of accomplishment every time I fixed something myself. 

I am the shop foreman at Griot's Motors. I am in charge of managing our collection of cars and ongoing restoration projects. I have been with Griot's Garage for 10 years. I started selling products in the retail store, and slowly worked my way to my current position which I love and consider to be a lifelong career. My love of mechanics has transitioned to a love of all things fabrication, and the most amount of joy I get from my job is when I am able to create something unique, creative, and one off.