Eric Seeder

Lives:  Kirkland, WA

Employer: Shiftboard

Job Title: Senior Technical Product Specialist

Your Cars: 

  • 1987 Alfa Romeo Milano 2.5 V6 - No significant modifications though we have fettled with the suspension a bit and have replaced the steering wheel as well as the gear lever with Momo variants.
  • 1996 Saab 9000 Aero 2.3 Turbo - Currently undergoing some minor body and interior repairs/maintenance but may be available in the future. Previous owner installed a fancy waste gate so it makes a cool noise when you lift off the gas under boost! That's all the waste gate is good for really heh.

An Interesting Car-Related Fact About You: Currently prepping an 1985 VW Scirocco to race in this year's Northwest LeMons race. Surprisingly it actually works... most of the time...



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