We're In This Together

We all know the 'Golden Rule'....do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  The same applies when driving another member's car.  Handing over the keys of your prized possession to someone takes an enormous amount of trust.  That's why it's essential that all members agree to the follow the same set of values and principles.  Without this common understanding, Avants would not be possible. 



Respect means treating another member's car with the highest possible level of care.  Look for the the largest parking spot in the lot (never park in the 'compact' spot). Don't eat McDonalds in the car.  Don't merge across multiple lanes. You get the idea.



Trust is what makes the 'sharing economy' possible.  Give members the benefit of the doubt.  Trust that they are taking care of your car.  Don't assume the worst.  



Be fair when dealing with subjective issues.  If you forgot to fill up the tank with gas, give a little more to account for the inconvience.  




Honesty means proactively highlighting any damage that you may have caused.  Don't wait for the other member to notice it.  

If you accidentally curb the wheels, point out the damage and pay to have them fixed.

For more information regarding what is/is not allowed, see Avants membership rules.