Cody Gunter

Lives: Puyallup, WA

Employer: Southern Glazer's Wine & Spirits

Job Title: Truck Driver

Your Car: 1996 BMW M3, LSx engine swap with a Tremec T56 6spd. MGW shift kit, custom 3" true dual SS exhaust, V band and X pipe with Borla XR1 race mufflers. Engine started as a 5.3 iron block, now punched to a 5.7L, bored TB, LS2 intake manifold, Schneider Racing cam, GM Performance coils, custom build intake and radiator built by Under Pressure Racing. Running Ground Control track/street coilovers and camber plates, Apex Arc-8's with sticky Dunlop ZII Star Specs. I'm sure I forgot a bunch of stuff but those are the fun big items.

An Interesting Car-Related Fact About You: This car and I have been on quite the journey. I've owned the car for about 7 years, I bought it from a friend of mine that didn't really take care of it and I told him I wanted to resurrect it back to how it should be, a nice daily/weekend track warrior. So I spent months and months correcting the paint and cleaning her up. Shes come a long way, so aside from a few door dings and rock chips and being 22 years old, shes looking 100x better. When i decided to do the engine swap thats where this car and i took a turn for the worst, in a nut shell, the guy I paid up front, stole my money, left town, no swap, left the new engine (thank god), all of his property seized, my car was taken without my permission to another shady shop, it sat for 6 months and nothing happened, was lied to about parts I purchased, took it to another shop, 70% of the work was done, car got smashed into 2 days before I was going to pick it up, had to finish it in my garage after the body work was done, took to the tuner to get dyno'd and tuned to have them "accidentally" catch it on fire, replaced the damaged parts, that shop made good with me and tuned it, and here I am. There's so much more to this story but that's the super short version. Anyway, shes a blast to drive and still working out the kinks and adding parts here and there.