Chris Justice

Lives: Seattle, WA

Employer: Microsoft

Job Title: Software Engineer

Your Cars:

2018 Porsche Macan GTS - daily driver, stock unless you want to count tint and clear bra. let's call it stock

2001 Porsche 911 Turbo, 6-speed manual- well... how detailed do you want it? It's currently in the beginning stages of a fairly massive winter refresh and when it is back on the road it'll be sitting with JRZ RS-Pro 2-way coilovers with remote reservoirs and custom valving, 1400/1500 lb spring rates front rear, monoball and solid mounts on literally everything in the suspension, full 997.2 911 RSR (LeMans race car) subframes, RSR control arms, RSR toe links and toe locking plates, RSR thrust arms and anti-squat/anti-dive, RSR tie rods, 911 Cup front and rear uprights/wheel carriers, and 996 GT3 adjustable sway bars with Tarrett adjustable sway bar end links... 997 cup front mounted steering pump and steering rack.. and that is just the suspension... 

Wheels/tires/brakes: Finspeed F110 18x11 and 18x13 wheels with deep concave and all options for lightening the wheels, which gives makes the 11" wide fronts weigh only 18 pounds and 13" wide rears only 20 lbs, 275 front,335 width rear tires, 997 GT3RS front and rear brake calipers, AP racing 380mm front rotors, 350mm rear, 997 GT3 brake master cylinder, 996 GT3 brake booster, 996 cup car lower front brake cooling ducts, 996 GT2 front and rear inner fender liners, rolled fenders completely flat all around, 997 GT3 upper front brake cooling ducts, 997 GT3RS rear undertray and rear brake cooling ducts, PFC track brake pads.. 

Transmission wise... Triple plate carbon clutch with lightweight flywheel, Guard billet pro LSD, GT2 axles, 997 GT3RS shifter, 996 cup solid shift cables, 996 cup gear selector (internal transmission piece, shortens the throw within the trans in addition to what is done by the shifter, without adding any shifting effort), urethane transmission mount, AWD system removed, converted to RWD using all OEM parts. GT2/GT3 clutch master/slave hydraulic conversion, custom transmission cooler setup

Engine.. not as in depth.. solid engine mounts, 997 GT2 airbox with BMC filter, do88 intake pipes, 997 GT2RS intercoolers, Cobb accessport with custom MAF delete tune with no lift shift and launch control by Sam @ ByDesign auto, Fabspeed headers, custom 3" catless X pipe exhaust, full fuel system- all lines replaced, dual pumps in custom surge tank that is inside the OEM tank, Weldon fuel pump controller and Adj Fuel Pressure regulator, custom fuel rails, all E85 safe. 

Interior/exterior.. custom installed iPad in dash to control the electronics/radio, Sparco Evo II seats, schroth harness, RSS 930 series roll bar, euro market GT3RS lightweight carpets with rear seat/seat belt delete, custom alcantara shift boot, 997 GT2 carbon shift knob to go with the OEM full carbon interior package.. euro market GT3RS polycarbonate rear window and rear quarter windows, sunroof deleted by replacing the entire roof with the OEM GT3 roof and used the OEM alcantara no-sunroof headliner, larger intercooler inlet ducts (carbon), 996 turbo "aerokit" front lip, custom carbon fiber splitter/air diverters, carbon dive planes, 996 turbo cup decklid with GT2 style intake inlets, custom carbon intake ducting to feed inlets into the retrofitted GT2 airbox, custom one-off swan neck rear wing mounts with carbon 991 RSR 71" wingblade with endplates... painted the stupid rear crash bumper pads to match body color.. 

there are so many little things Im sure I've forgotten, and I dont know if you even need all of that info, but just in the interest of full disclosure, there ya go.

An Interesting Car-Related Fact About You: So, my first word as a baby (other than the typical mama dada stuff) was Porsche, even pronounced correctly (Por-sha), thanks to my car loving dad, grandpa, and uncle.. started kart racing when I was 11, auto racing in dirt track and drag strips at 15, built and drove a Toyota Supra drag car in an import drag series on the east coast, started racing motorcycles at 22 and ran in WERA and AMA pro-am 1000cc superbike series.. My dad was a factory rider for Honda in the 80s, so I guess motorsports is in my DNA, I had no choice.