Carly Brogren

Lives: Seattle, WA

Employer: N/A

Job Title: Retired

Your Car(s): 1939 Lincoln Zephyr-Custom Zephyr. 8" chop on the roof, channeled, front and rear fenders extended 6 3/4". Air ride system. Signed by George Barris and recently won Beach Barons Choice at Rod Run to the End of the World in Long Beach, WA out of 842 cars entered.

An Interesting Car-Related Fact About You: Well I'm a girl so for some reason that seems to be odd in owning a cool car. I've had unique cars since I can remember. Our family car (the one I learned to drive in) was a 1967 Dodge Charger. My first car was a 1971 Olds Cutlass 442. I fell in love with the Zephyr when one parked next to me at a car show 7 years ago right after I had spent $21K on all new interior, ground effects lighting, nav system, killer stereo system, heated seats and everything else I could think of on a street rod that was unique. It was a 41 Chrysler Business coupe with a 37/Chevy nose. I have been searching for 7 years weekly for my dream car. I finally found it in December 2016 and finally had it in my garage in February 2017. I'm 62 so that's another freak factor that I'm old and like cool cars. LOL, Life's too short to drive boring cars. Oh, BTW, my daily driver is an Hummer H2. My husband has a 69 Dodge Super Bee.



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