Thank you for submitting your application to join Avants!  We look forward to meeting you. 


Next Steps:

1. Review your motor vehicle records -- You will receive an email from Checkr, the company that we use to check motor vehicle records. This helps ensure that everyone in Avants is a responsible driver.  

If you do not see the email within the next 1-2 hours, please check your junk folder. 

Here's an example of how the email will appear:


2. Add Your Car(s) To -- After you have been accepted into the program, we will contact you to collect more information about you and your cars (pictures, etc).  This information will be used to create your profile on   


3. Introduce You To Other Members (Via The Avants Facebook Group) -- We will send you an invitation to join our private group on Facebook for Avants members.   Facebook is the primary means of communication for the majority of group members. 


If you have any additional questions, please contact Adam Cramer at 

We look forward to meeting you at an upcoming Avants event!